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Piano Lessons


Lesson Details

  • Lessons are given in my home studio in Viola, DE.  A comfortable waiting area is provided for students and families.  Directions are given upon request.

  • All lessons are 30 minutes in length.

  • Students are encouraged to practice 4-5 days per week, amount of time ranges by student and age.  Independent practice skills are taught and encouraged.

  • Photos are taken often and will be used on social media, website, or studio publications.  A yearly photo release will be signed by each participating family.  


2022-2023 Tuition

  • Our calendar runs 9 months, September-May. 

  • Tuition is $21 per lesson.  

  • Invoices will be sent out two weeks prior to their due date.  

  • $25 late fee will be assessed for any payment not submitted by the 10th of the month. 

  • Cash, check, or credit card options for payment are available.

  • In addition to the teacher's time, your tuition covers instrument maintenance, access to music memberships, access to music library materials, professional memberships, technology utilized by the teacher, website, business licenses, and materials for student notebooks.  

  • Tuition does not include student books, which are purchased by the teacher and reimbursed by the family.  These will be added to your invoice as needed.


Missed Lessons

  • Missed lessons require a text or phone call to the teacher.  

  • If you miss a lesson, there are several ways to make your time up.

  1. Virtual lesson at the time of the scheduled lesson.  Please use this only in case of illness, or unavoidable difficulty in getting the child to lesson

  2. Video recording.  Record your child's assignments, send to me, and I will record video feedback and new assignments so they can continue to work for the next week.

  3. Make up lesson at a different time.These are open on a very limited basis, and can be in person or online at the instructor's discretion.  

*** Multiple missed lessons due to conflicts of any nature will still be billed to you as long as your spot is being reserved for you.  Please discuss any scheduling difficulties with me in advance.  ***

Piano Lessons: Lessons
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