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A Bit About Me

Music has been a central part of my life. Growing up with musicians surrounding me helped instill a passion for music and a desire to learn more.  I began taking piano lessons at the age of 9, and developed a deep love for the instrument. As I continued studying the piano throughout my high school years, I realized I had the desire to continue studying music at the college level. I attended Wartburg College in Waverly, IA and graduated with a double major in Music Education and Music Therapy. During my college years,  I also began to study piano teaching, and began my own teaching of piano lessons to beginning students. As I pursued my career as an elementary music teacher and then as a Music Therapist, I also maintained a private piano studio. I have now been teaching all ages of piano students for 25 years.

I enjoy teaching good, solid fundamentals, and then seeing each student develop their own passions. Some students study the piano formally for a short amount of time, and some will invest for the long haul. Each have their lives enhanced through the creative power of music. Having a front row seat watching this happen is such a privilege.

As I love the creative aspect of teaching piano, I try to utilize methods and music that capture the attention of each student. This is an ongoing process of studying, learning, and growth for myself as a teacher. There is always more to learn!  While I teach primarily using the Faber Piano Adventures method books as a spine, we delve into various styles of repertoire to expose students to a variety of music.  I teach solid music reading skills, basic music theory, and tailor supplemental selections to the needs of each student.  

My hope is to teach each student solid musical principles, discipline in practice, a respect for the instrument and its history, the JOY of music, and the pride of accomplishment. In a world that encourages and values the immediate, I encourage my students to dig deep to learn to slowly mine and grow from experiencing the beauty of music through lessons together!!

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